Is Dental Assisting for Me? – Claremore, OK

Discover a Fulfilling and Exciting Career

Are you eager to discover a fulfilling and exciting career? You might have thought about dental assisting but have questions about whether it is a fit for your personality and goals. The people who are happiest and most effective in this job tend to be friendly folks who are passionate about helping others. Does that sound like you? Read on below to get the answer to the question, "Is dental assisting right for me?" Our Claremore, OK dental assisting instructors are here to help you learn more about whether you should enroll in our dental assisting school and pursue a future in dental assisting. 

What Do Dental Assistants Do?

Dental assistant in dental office

Dental assistants can care for a wide variety of tasks. Exactly what they do depends on the day, the dental office, and the state. Generally speaking, dental assistants prepare instruments for dentists, aid in administrative tasks, and do other things that enable a practice to run as efficiently as possible. Some may even help with lab work, such as taking impressions to be used for the creation of various restorations. You may also take X-rays and, if you are an expanded duty assistant, polish patients’ teeth, apply fluoride, or perform other simple treatment-related tasks.

Where Can Dental Assistants Work?

Smiling dental assisting in dental office

As a dental assistant, you will have many opportunities for employment. Not only can you apply at private practices and large group practices, but you can also look for openings in hospital settings and dental laboratories. Public health dentistry offers another exciting career avenue. After you gain some experience in your field, you could even look into becoming an instructor at a vocational school.

What Makes Someone a Good Dental Assistant?

Dental assistant holding a clipboard

Dental assisting involves both mental and physical work. The best candidates for the job are logical, able to think on their feet, and enjoy hands-on tasks. Also, keep in mind that a dental practice is a busy environment that has a continual stream of people coming in and going out. You should be a friendly person who enjoys interacting with people from all sorts of different backgrounds.

It is also important to be adaptable. Many dental offices are in a constant state of evolution, so you should be ready to work within a variety of different circumstances.

What Does the Future Look Like for A Dental Assistant?

Dental assistant treating dental patient

Dental assisting is a rapidly growing field. In fact, it is expected to expand much faster than other careers. The increasing demand for this position stems largely from the public’s growing awareness of the importance of oral health and preventive oral care. More and more people are recognizing that the well-being of their smile has a direct effect on the overall state of their body. A career as a dental assistant could equip you for many years of steady, satisfying employment.

Is Dental Assisting the Right Fit?

Smiling dental assistant next to chairside computer monitor

Are you a people-oriented individual who loves to help others? Are you adaptable and ready to dive into hands-on work? If so, dental assisting could be a highly rewarding career path for you. If you want to learn more about how you can get started on learning the ins and outs of this job, contact our school to start the enrollment process. You can also give us a call if you are still on the fence about dental assisting. We can answer your questions and guide you toward a wise decision.