About Our Dental Assisting School – Claremore, OK

Top-Quality Education from Experienced Instructors

Group of dental assisting school students

Here at Green County School of Dental Assisting, we are passionate about helping our students succeed. You can enjoy top-quality education from experienced instructors right here in our Claremore dental office. Whether you are fresh out of high school and excited about launching your career, or are you wanting to change things up, we welcome you to learn more about what we offer. You could be mere months away from a fulfilling and exciting job in the dental industry!

Education Directly in a Dental Office

Dental assisting student working in dental office

Our classes are held after hours within a dental office. At times during the course you will have the opportunity to work along side a dentist in a supportive, low-pressure setting. We will guide you as you put your new skills to use in order to create a smooth and positive experience for patients and your fellow team members. This type of hands-on training will make it easier for you to transition to a new job after you complete our course.

A Focus on Hands-On Training

Collage of photos of dental assisting students receiving hands on training

No one likes to be stuck in a classroom all day, inundated by theories and diagrams. At our school, you’ll only spend about 30% of your time in a lecture setting, while the rest of your training will be hands-on. This method, which involves immediately applying what you learn, helps to solidify information and aids you in developing the muscle memory that will eventually make dental assisting tasks feel like second nature.

Individualized Attention

Dental assisting student training one on one with instructor

We don’t want any of our students to feel like they’re lost in the crowd. Whereas some schools have 20 – 30 students per class, we are different. With an average of just 8 students per class, you can be confident that you will get the one-on-one attention you need to hone your newly learned skills and move into your blossoming career with confidence. Plus, we have two instructors per class, so someone should always be available to answer your questions.

Instructors with Decades of Experience

Dentist talking to dental patient

Our instructors have seen it all! They have an average of 20+ years of experience in the dental field. They know the nuances and challenges that come with the job down to a T, so they can help you gain a realistic view of what it means to be an effective, efficient dental assistant. Our instructors love to share their knowledge, so you can feel free to ask questions and take advantage of their expertise at any time throughout your course.